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CloudGraph is a disk- and memory-based, fully transactional .NET graph database that uses graphs and key/value pairs to store your data.

The goal is to provide a fast and scalable graph database that is both easy to deploy and maintain. The beta-release is currently scheduled for Q1 2012.

Note: CloudGraph will be free for commercial use.

Disk- and memory-based
Features hot backup, pluggable storage and resource-balancing.

Traversal Framework
Traverse graphs with our intuitive Graph Query Language (GQL).

Lock-free caching
Scale vertically with our non-blocking cache, built for concurrency.

Graphs and key/value stores
Supports schemaless hypergraphs and key/value pairs.

Web-based and CLI management
Manage databases through a browser and the console.

Built in C# .NET
Uses native language bindings for ease of use.